What You Need to Know

Gemini Hedge Fund Services, LLC (Gemini Hedge) offers comprehensive fund administration services to hedge funds and provides a consultative approach to help bring pooled products to market. We bring our extensive experience to fund managers, investment advisors, trading managers, banks, and other fund intermediaries in a fully customized solution.

By combining our passion for the financial services industry with our diverse sister firms, Gemini Hedge has become the complete solution provider in the hedge fund industry. We offer the services to support firms looking to take advantage of current market conditions and launch a new fund as well as support managers with existing funds.

Gemini Hedge offers customized solutions to fit the specific needs of individual clients. Our team is comprised of industry professionals willing to listen and committed to serve as a sounding board for new ideas. We are prompt in answering inquiries, and offer recommendations based upon years of successful fund development, implementation, and leadership.

We understand the financial services industry is constantly changing. As an independent, entrepreneurial company managed by passionate industry pioneers, our agility allows us to quickly adapt to industry-wide changes and our experience helps managers meet the demands of an evolving marketplace.

Technology Overview

Best of breed technology platform providing real-time analytics from trade to the calculation of the net asset value.

Middle Office

Middle OfficeGemini Hedge provides clients with a real-time technology platform that allows fund managers to have access to all post execution trade data. Real-time P&L, attribution and risk analytics are delivered through state of the art technology, if you select this level of service for your fund.

Gemini Hedge can provide seamless connectivity between the real-time trade data and the books and records of the fund, if you select this level of service for your fund.

Trade Capture



Data Export

Portfolio & Risk Management

portfolio_and_risk_managementShould you wish to engage these services, the Gemini Portfolio and Risk Management platform is designed to provide full integration between your front and back-office.

  • Portfolio and risk reporting across all asset classes
  • Real-time pricing of positions
  • Granular detail of all positions
  • Dynamic, user defined P&L and attribution reporting
  • Scenario analysis and stress testing
  • Full suite of risk analytics

Real-Time Positions & Pricing

P&L Reporting & Attribution

Data Aggregation


Fund Administration

Gemini Hedge is a hedge fund administrator designed from start to finish to provide optimum services to our clients that enable you to meet the requirements of your investors and the regulatory bodies to which your fund reports. We offer both depth and breadth of services for managers ranging from middle/back office duties to comprehensive financial reporting and all aspects of investor services.

We provide the depth of services for all types of managers, those who need month end only reporting and those that need frequent liquidity and enhanced reporting. These services are focused on providing superior, best of breed technology that allows both managers and investors to have unparalleled access to hedge fund data and provide you the reporting you require as often as possible, based on the strategy of your fund.

Services Summary

Middle & Back Office Services
  • Daily portfolio pricing obtained from an independent source
  • Daily reconciliation of position, market value and cash balances (all asset classes)
  • Automated data integration with trading advisors, pricing sources, prime brokers, FCM’s, banks, etc.
  • Trade affirmation/confirmation services
  • Daily portfolio flash reporting on “T” and reconciled reporting on “T+1”
  • Automated corporate action and commission processing
  • Support for entities with multi trader/sub managers, custodians, currencies, etc.
  • Unlimited aggregation, segregations, sorting and subtotaling of portfolio data within a client database
  • Fund of fund investment detail processing – subscriptions/ redemptions, market value updates based on underlying estimate/ final values
  • Secure client web dashboard for access to all daily portfolio reports, funds and benchmark performance snapshots and Investor account details
Financial Reporting Services
  • GL Accounting – Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial Balance, Statement of Operations
  • Bank account reconciliations and expense verification
  • Daily Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation
  • Complex fee calculation at any level of investment vehicle – platform, managed account, fund, class, series and investor
  • High frequency investor liquidity (NAV calculation) for pooled investment vehicles – on-demand, weekly, etc.
  • Leveraged or un-leveraged capital, series or unitized investor accounting & multi-currency investor reporting
  • Daily investor estimate Net Asset Value and performance reporting
  • Fund and investor audit support
Investor Services
  • Investor document processing and warehousing
  • AML screening/Due diligence
  • Investor/interested party registration, record updates and investor inquiry response
  • Investor attribute tracking and reporting – accredited/qualified, ERISA %, new issue status, side-letter details
  • Investor confirmation notice production & reporting, investor account statements & institutional investor audit confirms
  • Flexible, automated investor account statements to meet custom reporting requirements
  • Cash controls as security administrator and dual authorized signatory for bank accounts
  • Introductions to offshore directors, attorneys, auditors and banks
  • Secure investor web dashboard to view account statements, manager letters, fund documents and contact details

Shadow Accounting

Gemini Hedge provides a complete range of services to shadow the books and records for which there may be a different administrator working with the fund. Gemini Hedge will provide all or a portion of services which are part of our fund administration, middle office or portfolio & risk analytics offerings. Shadow accounting provides clients with a “second set of eyes” to their books and records by an innovative service provider.


Shadow Accounting Advantage

Cost effective solution to complement the funds existing back office

Significantly reduced cost from the fund administrator

Verify fund valuations and process

Independent check for investors