About Us

Who We Are

The role of an administrator is to serve as your partner. Your administrator must not only provide operational excellence but also operational foresight to meet your expanding requirements. Today, when choosing an administrator, the notion of “bigger is better” is often used. We believe that bigger isn’t necessarily better but “better is better”.

Gemini Hedge isn’t just an answer, it is the only answer when looking for an administrator. We were formed in 2013 based on the success of our sister company, Gemini Fund Services, LLC. The Gemini companies were built on innovation, service excellence and client partnership. The Gemini companies have a long history, in fact, they have over 30 years of experience exceeding their clients expectations in the mutual and hedge fund industries.

Operationally, the alternative fund world has long been assimilating to that of a mutual fund world. Enhanced transparency, frequency of liquidity and maturity of process is what alternative fund administrators strive for…Gemini Hedge is already there. Gemini Hedge has continued to refine its offering to provide managers with what they need: operational excellence, reliability, depth of service and distribution outlets. To help meet these needs, Gemini Hedge has a national key accounts person that focuses on creating investor awareness for our clients. Additionally, the Gemini companies build investment pools that allow alternative investment managers to enter market segments that they may not have previously considered.

Gemini Hedge is the administrator of the future…available today.